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Rules - The Hostmeister - 03-16-2023

The follow rules pertain to our forums:

  • Do not advertise other communities.
  • Only make threads related to the forum your posting in.
  • In forums that require a template, use the template.
  • Creating admin/staff applications is not permitted, if the opportunity presents itself, we will create a thread.
  • Do not post any content that violates the law.
  • Spamming is forbidden on any forum or thread.
  • Creating accounts to boost you reputation is prohibited.
  • Do not duplicate any thread or reply.
  • Do not reply on player reports or ban appeals that you are not involved in.
  • Do not post any files or content including malicious code. This includes all hacking-related content.
  • Do not use an absurdly large or inappropriate signature.
  • It is prohibited to share any personal information on these forums.
  • Reviving dead threads is not allowed without substantial information or content that significantly advances the discussion. A thread is dead one month after the last reply.