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My firends and i would really like to have a shop added to the server and it nees to
happen but it doesnt make senswe why they dont want it i think that vonnadushebag is the owner but he seems like he trying to hisde soemthing and no one want to be on my team its not very cool Angry
So first thing Rocky, I would appreciate if you read the rules of our forum. Two of those rules read: only make threads related to the forum your posting in, In forums that require a template, use the template. Next time I would appreciate if you followed these guidelines by not posting a suggestion for the Minecraft server under the player report section of the website.

I appreciate you and your friends interest in The Hostmeister Minecraft server and the time you took to make your suggestion for our server. Our Minecraft server is best described as a vanilla+ anarchy smp and these design choices were intentional. I did consider a shop for the server at one point, but realized its addition was counterproductive to the goals of our server. We want to facilitate player interaction and a shop works against that. Players will travel vast distances from anyone else, sell and gather resources from the shop, and become sustainable without ever having to meet other players. We want players chatting with each other to meet and trade items because it generates player interaction. This is the same reason we don't have teleportation on our server, because it eliminates all possibility of player interaction between journeys.

Thank you for your suggestion and interest in our servers.
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